How do I make a booking?

Email us at we will contact you to confirm availability. As we often receive more than one enquiry for any given date, the date will be held open for a period of seven days. You will be required to complete a contract and pay a booking fee of £250. Upon receipt of both the date will be reserved for you and you will be sent a confirmation of your booking. Payment in full is due no later than 14 days in advance of your wedding date. Please note payment can be made in installments.

What areas do you cover?

Although based in London we film all over the UK and internationally.

Do we need to meet beforehand?

Whilst not necessary we would recommend meeting prior to the day for us to get to know each other and to help us in setting the tone for your wedding film.

Can we choose the music?

Short Choosing the music is part of the creative process, and if you have chosen us then we ask you to place your faith in us. Some song choices just won't match the feel of the film. Some song choices will 'age', we try to go for the 'timeless' option. We always use fully licensed music.

When can I expect the film?

We allow up to 12 weeks from the day of your wedding.

Do you film any other events?

Of course. Email us with details of the event you'd like covered for a quotation.